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The Collection

He came out of the Malpais, the volcanic badlands where no one could live, riding a red stallion no other man could put a hand to. Flint was beyond fear. Why? And who, exactly, was he—Flint or Kettleman? Whoever he was, his enemies hired Buckdun, a stone-cold killer, to hunt him down.

He was quick, hard, and dangerous—hiding his loneliness behind a cloak of independence. Now there was an Indian uprising—and a special woman and child to protect. And, the most dangerous Apache warrior was out for their scalps.

Jubal Sackett
He lived and fought among the Indians, blazing new trails where no white man had been before. To the Indians, he was a powerful medicine man—"Ni'kwana, master of mysteries." With the princess Itchakomi, Jubal Sackett walked the path of courage that future Sacketts would follow.

The Sackett Brand
Tell Sackett was miles away from anyone he knew. But then somebody shot him—without warning. When he came to, he found that all traces of his life had vanished. His wagon was gone and his beloved wife, Angie, was missing. When the truth finally came out, it was more horrifying than he ever imagined.

The world's finest collection of authentic western novels ever written!

Louis L'Amour grew up in the Old West and put his personal experience into every piece of his work. He literally "walked the land [his] characters walk." This authenticity is what separates Louis L'Amour and has made him one of the best selling authors in modern literary history.

The exclusive collection is a testament to Louis L'Amour's lifetime of work, and includes 90 of his novels, 31 of his short-story collections, 2 works of nonfiction, a memoir: Education of a Wandering Man, and a volume of poetry: Smoke from this Altar.

Each unique book includes:

  • Bound in rich sierra brown simulated leather
  • Handsome golden lettering
  • A reproduction of Louis L'Amour's signature deeply embossed into each front cover
  • Acid-free paper that doesn't age
  • Clear, readable type
Many books include maps of the character's journey.

Read and enjoy the collection with your whole family

What better way to spend an evening than reading Louis L’Amour’s books with your whole family? His stories of Old West adventures will captivate your imagination and make it impossible to put down. The Collection is perfect for the avid reader because you are provided with a steady stream of exciting stories about the American Frontier.

You don’t have to be a bookworm to be a fan of the Louis L’Amour Collection. As your collection grows, you can enjoy the books at your own pace. Louis L’Amour’s writing is perfect for the entire family and his stories are a great way to bring the Old West close to your kids. The Louis L’Amour Collection includes some of the best Westerns ever written. We are confident that his novels will provide you and your family with many hours of great fun and adventure.