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The Sackett Novels

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The Daybreakers
Tyrel Sackett was born to trouble, but vowed to justice. After having to kill a man in Tennessee, he... read more

To the Far Blue Mountains
In To the Far Blue Mountains, Louis L’Amour weaves the unforgettable tale of a man w... read more

Louis L’Amour tells the story of two brothers who must struggle to survive in a wild and be... read more

Jubal Sackett
In Jubal Sackett, the second generation of Louis L’Amour’s great American fami... read more


In Lando, Louis L’Amour has created an unforgettable portrait of a unique America... read more

The Lonely Man

In The Lonely Men, Louis L’Amour spins the tale of a man who must elude an Apache... read more

Lonely on the Mountain
In Lonely on the Mountain, Louis L’Amour’s solitary wandering Sackett brothers... read more

Mojave Crossing
Louis L’Amour takes William Tell Sackett on a treacherous passage from the Arizona goldfiel... read more

Mustang Man
In Mustang Man, Louis L’Amour takes Nolan Sackett on a dangerous journey into family... read more

Ride the Dark Trail
In Ride the Dark Trail, Louis L’Amour tells the story of Logan Sackett, a cynical dr... read more

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